Our Lynnwood Sprinkler Repair Team Suggests Native Grass

our sprinkler repair team helps keep weeds out of your lawnThe difference between a nice looking, lush, green lawn and a scraggly, weed filled yard can be as simple as your choice of turf grass. Our Lynnwood contractors are partial to three particular types of turf because of their moderate competitive nature and relatively standard need for fertilizer and water. We like Kentucky Bluegrass, fine fescues and turf-type perennial Rye grasses used in a standard three part mix. A mix of these three types of grass will stand up to heavy traffic, require a moderate amount of moisture and will only an average of 6-8 hours of sunlight a day to remain gorgeous.

While our Lynnwood sprinkler repair team doesn't do many full lawn replacements, when we do we bring in rolled sod instead of starting directly from seed. This is for more than just the obvious aesthetic reason. Rolled sod has been germinated and matured under optimum growing conditions. This allows it to develop a deep, strong root system. This gives the lawn an almost 100% chance of survival whereas a direct seeded lawn may die off in areas where water tends to pool or runoff is high.

We Lay Sod

our team lays fresh sod over well fertilized topsoilWhen we install your turf grass, you get the best on the market. We only install green turf and make sure that the ground is thoroughly fertilized before laying the sod. Once the lawn is established, a simple fertilizer applied in the fall and one again in the spring will keep everything looking great.

Using the three seed grass means you have a several options when it comes to turf height. This combinations looks good anywhere from 1-5 inches high and only needs to be mowed once a week to maintain your chosen look.

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