Lynnwood Sprinkler Repair Service Area

our sprinkler repair contractors have their trucks filled with all the needed partsIt's time that you knew our Lynnwood sprinkler repair service covers more than the physical Lynnwood area. We will reach out to you if you are in Edmonds, Mukilteo or even Mill Creek. That's right.

We're mobile and we don't take it for granted. You'll have the same great service no matter which community you reside in.

Our techs all have built in GPS in our trucks so finding you isn't a problem – even if you are on one of the old winding roads back in Mill Creek.

Sprinkler Repair And Installation in Edmonds

a sprinkler system in Edmonds optimized by our techsThe pros at our Edmonds sprinkler repair team have the latest industry equipment to quickly find and fix leaks and other problems in your sprinkler system. We are also backflow certification specialists for both residential and commercial sprinkler systems. If you need an inspection or just a routine maintenance check, we do those too. Anything you could possibly need for your Edmonds sprinkler system, we do it. Call us now!

Sprinkler Repair And Installation in Mukilteo

our team worked on this new sprinkler system installation in MukilteoOur Mukilteo sprinkler repair team doesn't do anything but sprinkler repairs. We aren't a handyman service or a plumber that does sprinklers on the side. We are a dedicated sprinkler repair service that covers the Mukilteo area. That means you get highly skilled and trained technicians that know the ins and outs of sprinklers. You won't get a simple fix for a complex problem, you'll get the right fix. IF a pop up head is bad, it may be because the underlying riser is failing. Popping in a new head might work for a few months but the problem will come back. We'll give you the right fix for your problem and the fix will be permanent.

Sprinkler Repair And Installation in Mill Creek

a perfect looking lawn in Mill CreekMill Creek has a very unique climate and our technicians have studied it for over 20 years. We know how the weather patterns change and how to adjust your sprinkler controller to give you the best looking lawn you can have. We suggest getting a rain sensor on your system because of the unpredictability of our rain. This will prevent your system from running when it doesn't need to. You'll be able to let Mother Nature do some of the work and you just need to supplement it . Our Mill Creek sprinkler repair techs are only a phone call away! Call today.

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We charge $85.00/hr for service.